убил лису – сам съел колобка.
1. Discuss and suggest possible solution to the environmental problems (air, water pollution, deforestation, litter everywhere…)

- I can’t believe how much traffic there is on the roads these days.
- I know. It took me two hours to drive into the city center today.
- You know, I’ve just had a brilliant idea. Have you thought about starting a car pool?
- That’s a great idea! We would save money and help reduce the amount of traffic at the same time!
- There are a lot of problems in our city. Look at this litter everywhere.
- Not only litter, but also our air and water are polluted.
- This is due to many things as too much traffic, deforestation and concrete all around.
- We should do something before it’s too late.
- What can we do?
- The people could fit filters to factory chimneys, plant more trees, fine people who drop litter, improve public transport.
- You are right! Let’s start right away.

2. Complain to your neighbor about a lot of rubbish in front of his house
- Mary, could I have a word with you, please?
- Sure. What’s up?
- Well, I was wondering if you could do something about all that rubbish in front of your house.
- Oh right, yes. I’ve been meaning to do something about it, but I keep forgetting.
- I would appreciate it if you could sort it out as soon as possible, please.
- Yes, you’re right. I’ll get right on it.
- It makes my blood boil when people throw rubbish on the streets. It’s so messy!
- You’re right. Sometimes, it seems as if there’s rubbish everywhere - on the pavements, in the gutters, even in people's gardens. I mean, why can’t people just put their rubbish in a bin! It’s a disgrace!
- It really gets on my nerves that public transport is so crowded in my city. It's impossible to drive into the city now, because there's nowhere to park.
- It really annoys me that there are so many stray dogs in the streets in my town. Apart from the fact that I feel very sorry for the poor animals, it’s a public health problem!
- Terrible things, which only we have the power to prevent.
- All right, enough talking; it’s time to do something.

3. Show hesitation about your friend’s request to help her to plant some trees and clean up the back garden
- May I ask, are you busy next Saturday?
- Let me see… erm… Why?
- Shall we plant some trees and clean up the back garden next Saturday?
- Oh… Well… I don’t know.
- Why?
- I will be very busy at this day.
- I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy, but I’m sure we will put that time to good use.
- But it will take some time. And I’ll be busy from 10 to 18.
- It’s OK. We don’t have time limits; you can join me any time. Have you made up your mind yet?
- Yes, I made up my mind. I think this is the best time to go to the beach after 6 pm.
- Wait a second. Mike, that's not fair.
- Why? I invite you with me. And we can plant some trees and clean up the back garden next time.
- After all, you persuaded me.
- Great! See you.

4. Make an appointment with the doctor about the pain in your back
A: Good afternoon. Can I help you?
B: Oh, yes. I’d like to make an appointment with Doctor Michaels, please.
A: I’m afraid Doctor Michaels is on holiday at the moment. Would you like to make an appointment to see the other doctor?
B: Erm… yes, all right. That would be fine.
A: Right. The first available appointment is on Thursday at 10 o’clock. Does it work for you?
B: Yes, that should be okay.
A: Good. What’s your name?
B: Tina, Tina Wilcox.
A: What's wrong with you?
B: I am having a lot of back pain.
A: Right then, we’ll see you on Thursday at 10 o’clock.
B: Thank you. Good bye.

5. At the doctor’s. Describe your symptoms
A: Are you okay, Betty? You look a bit pale.
B: Actually, I feel terrible.
A: Oh! What’s wrong?
B: I’m burning up and my whole body aches, too.
A: Sounds to me like the flu. If I were you, I would go to bed.
B: But I can’t do that, I got a lot to do.
A: Have you taken your temperature yet?
B: Yes, I have. I have taken my temperature several times. It’s really high. I have got a fever.
A: How terrible! By the way, have you got any chronic disease?
B: Unfortunately, yes. I’ve got chronic laryngitis.
A: Do you take your meds for laryngitis?
B: No, I can’t. I’m allergic to antibiotics.
A: Then you should visit a doctor; he will prescribe you other meds.
B: OK.

6. Persuade your friend to change her life style
- Hi. How are you? I haven't seen you for ages.
- Hi, so-so. And you?
- I'm well. What’s wrong with you?
- Lately I had problems with my stomach.
- Oh, do you have gastritis?
- How did you know it?
- You look a bit pale. I think you should change your life style.
- Could you give me any advices?
- I've started attending the gym recently and it feels great. Would you like to go with me?
- With pleasure. By the way, does your healthy lifestyle include only physical training?
- No, it doesn't. I also try to eat healthy food.
- Tell me a bit more about it. I also want to switch to healthy lifestyle.
- Well, I try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, cereals and wholemeal bread. I also don't eat much meat these days.
- I see. Any other secrets of healthy lifestyle?
- Yes. Try to avoid stressful situations and don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. If you follow all these rules, you'll quickly feel how your body re-energizes.
- Thank you for your advice. I will also try to make my way of living healthier.

7. Ask for advice what to cook
- Hi. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
- Thank you! I am indeed. By the way, I'm having a small party tonight. Would you like to join us?
- With pleasure. What time is the party?
- We are starting at 6 pm. Some friends of mine are coming and my cousins, of course.
- Shall I bring something with me?
- No, but could you help me with a birthday’s menu? I don’t know what to cook.
- Yes, of course. How about roast turkey with potatoes?
- Potatoes are fine, but I really don't like eating any poultry.
- Then, how about potatoes with a pork chops?
- It will be fine. By the way, I prefer fruit and vegetables. I especially like dishes from fruits. Fruit salad is fine for me.
- How about seasonal salads? For example, in summer I like fresh tomato and cucumber salad with onions, various herbs and seasonings.
- Yes, I definitely like garden-fresh salads.
- Don’t forget about the birthday’s cake.
- Yes, sure. I will buy it in the bakery in front of my house.
- Ok. See you.
- Thank you for your help.
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